Intentionally Waiting Bible Study

  • Are you in a waiting season of your life ?
  • Are you frustrated, confused and want clarity ?
  • Are you unsure what to pray or how to pray in this season?

Prayer provides a means to connect directly to God by faith. Through prayer we are able to speak with God and make our requests known to him. But what do you do when you are waiting on God for a solution and it seems nothing is happening or the situation is worsening by the day ?

I have learned God hears all our prayers He knows the plans He has for each and everyone of us and His plans for us are good. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts, but there is work we have to do.

The power of an intentional prayer breaks through barriers. Join me for a four week bible study which will transform the way you pray, get you clear on Gods plans for your life and learn the next steps to take in this season.