Getting to know you better Game

How to create the Game 

Create 10 or more open questions you would like answered. An open question is one that does not provide a yes or no answer this will enable the person responding to the question to elaborate in their own words. When choosing questions also consider that you may be the one answering the question so make them gender neutral and only ask what you are also prepared to answer.

Write each question down on the sticky side of a post -it note and fold it in half by connecting the sticky sections to each other. This will seal the questions and make for easy opening when ready to read them.

You can use different coloured sticky notes to add more flavour to the game.

Include at least 4 wild cards in the game. Simply write the word Wild Card on the relevant sticky note. A wild card when chosen allows for any question to be asked.

Optional – include reverse cards –  Simply Write the word Reverse on the relevant sticky note. A Reverse Card allows for Direction of the game to be changed 

Here are some example questions to ask

  • Tell me about a happy moment in your Childhood
  • What is your love Language and Why 
  • Tell me your top three pet hates 
  • Who is your biggest inspiration
  • If you could like anywhere in the world where would it be and why
  • How important is God in your life 
  • What / who inspires you to keep going?
  • How important is Marriage to you and Why 
  • If you were stranded on an island and could only have two things with you from your present life what would that be 
  • What do you look for in a partner 

How to play the game 

Once you have all your questions you are ready to play the game.

start  by shuffling the notes. You can decide who will draw the card first.

The person that shuffles the card presents to the other party to pick the question to be answered. 

The picker reads and the shuffler answers the question. 

Each card that has been answered is placed in a separate pile and therefore not reshuffled with the remaining cards 

Continue to play until all questions have been answered or you decide to stop playing.  

Note The more intentional your questions the more you will get to know about the other person and the more they will learn about you.  This game can be played over a coffee or can be adapted for a virtual meet up.